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Leighton Library, Dunblane

Scotland's oldest purpose-built library founded in 1687

Undercroft Development

Help us develop the Leighton Library's Undercroft

It's very exciting: we're aiming to create an exhibition space in the Leighton Library's Undercroft, to provide for visitors a space to enjoy learning more about the books in this unique collection and also the history of the Library, and the life of its benefactor Robert Leighton and the turbulent times in which he lived.

We aim for the Undercroft to become a vibrant, welcoming and accessible hub combining interpretative print panels, interactive digital screens and a community sharing space – stepping back in time straight from the street to the simmering seventeenth and eighteenth century Scotland. Adapting the undercroft to form part of the library exhibit and visitor attraction would allow visitors who cannot access the first floor to enjoy aspects of the collection and library, for example through an exhibition and 360-degree interactive digital view of the first floor.

The Undercroft can introduce a new dimension to the visitor experience through setting the historical context of the library and its collection and providing engaging, relatable content exploring the key figures involved with the library, a broad overview of the time and of course the books in the collection and the subjects they cover.

Your support would be appreciated to make this happen - please donate using the PayPal or Just Giving buttons on this page - and thank you!

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